About Us

Birth of a passion

After purchasing a coffee table at a local furniture store we found the glass-top was not conducive to our lifestyle. Between eating dinner on the table and our yellow lab, Libby, we found it impossible to keep clean. We returned to the furniture store to see if there were any options as we loved the base of the table. To our surprise there were 30 options! We saw a wood top we loved, but when we heard the price we almost fell over! There had to be another way. After a little research I was thinking I could possibly make it myself? But I’m not handy nor creative and I haven’t touched a piece of wood since 7th grade wood class! I found a local wood shop who re-imagined how people are introduced to woodworking. They want beginners to come to them with a project idea and they teach the technical aspects while you’re making a project that excites you. They provide the materials and tools in their fully equipped wood shop. I made a beautiful Colorado Elm tabletop complete with resin. I loved everything about the process. After this project I truly found my passion.

What’s in a name?

MOO is in honor of my wife, Kristin.  She and her sister, Courtney, started calling each other MOO at an early age and it just stuck.  Kristin is “Auntie MOO” to Courtney’s four children; Teddy, Will, Caroline and Pippa.  MOO stands for the amazing life I share with Kristin.  It reminds us that life is wonderful and should be celebrated every day.   MOO WOODWORKS reminds us to enjoy life.

The Process

It starts with hand-picking responsibly sourced hardwoods.  Looking for wood that has character, a pleasing yet versatile pattern as well as desirable workability.  Next, we breakdown these boards into manageable sizes and strips.  Taking these strips of wood and gluing the edges to achieve the desired pattern.  The glue used is water-resistant and food safe.  (Little known fact – Wood glue is actually stronger than wood!)  After the glue dries the board is planed to a uniform thickness, all sides are squared and the top edge is gently rounded over.  After an initial pass of 80 grit sand paper the board is dampened and allowed to dry.  This allows the wood fibers to raise and be exposed.  Next, passes of 120 and 220 grit sand paper are used to achieve an extremely smooth finish.  Two coats of food-safe mineral oil are applied with a third coat including bee’s wax for the boards. Danish oil or spray lacquer are used for products that don’t come into contact with food.  Any hardware is installed (nautical cleats, rubber feet, cork-backing and/or bottle opener).  Finally, MOO WOODWORKS is proudly hand-branded on the back of every product.

Care instructions

For goods finished with mineral oil:
Hand wash. Dry immediately. Never soak. Never dishwash. Never store wet.
Re-coat with mineral oil as needed.

MOO WOODWORKS creates handmade artisanal wooden goods that reminds us to enjoy life.

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